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In the Details - The Little "Extras" That Really Help Sell Your Sedona House

Tue, Apr 5th 2016 5:29 pm by Tammy Emineth Sellers

Details that help sell a house

It's all in the details, right? It's the little things that really help sell a house. Most sellers want to do everything they can to appeal to a wide range of homebuyers whether it's professional staging, the right photographs, proper layout or fantastic curb appeal. But it's those details and little extras that really showcase a home and show buyers that you've gone the extra mile in order to sell the property. Here are five extras that really will help sell a house.

#1. New flooring.

Now, this is not a minor detail and it can be quite expensive but new carpet, flooring, hardwoods or tile can really make a room or the entire house stand out. If buyers are looking at houses with older...

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5 Home Selling Mistakes That Could Cost You a Sale

Wed, Mar 2nd 2016 1:07 pm by Tammy Emineth Sellers

The last thing any home seller wants to do a sabotage their own sale, right? But surprisingly, many homeowners do so without even knowing it. Overpricing is often one of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can do when selling their home but it is not the only mistake. Many sellers feel that these mistakes aren't even a mistake it all but when their home sits on the market far longer than intended, they may step back and take a look at the process to see if there's any place they can alter their method to gain more buyers and a potential offer on the table. Here are some of our top five selling mistakes that could seriously cost a sale. Most of these we've all seen on a monthly basis but...

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Location, Location, Location - Why Your Home Location Can Make or Break a Sale

Mon, Feb 15th 2016 1:15 pm by Tammy Emineth Sellers

We always say location, location, location when it comes to businesses, restaurants, and even real estate. But it is so true when we're talking about certain landmarks around a particular neighborhood or property that could truly make or break a sale. Something that could be a great benefit to one buyer might be a huge detriment to another. And while you can't move the house itself to a new location, you can emphasize the positive and de-emphasize the negative. Here are some things that can really make or break a sale about your homes location.


You might think being next to a school is a great benefit, but only for some. If you live in a great school district, the school close ...

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Cold Weather Home Checks to Protect Your Property

Mon, Jan 4th 2016 11:04 am by Tammy Emineth Sedona

It may not get that cold around the Sedona area in the winter but low temperatures in December, January and February can reach freezing. You want to protect your home year-round and even though we don't have below freezing or zero temperatures during the winter there are some things you can do to protect your home year-round. Here are some basic tips to protect your home during cold weather, especially in our dry weather.Cold weather checks to protect your home

Disconnect any drain hoses and cover up your faucets with protective foam covers. Turn off all the water to outside faucets if this is available and is even a good idea to open the valves on faucets to allow them to drain so that you don't get freezing water in your hos...

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Housing Trends in 2016 for Sedona AZ

Mon, Dec 28th 2015 2:32 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

Housing Trends in 2016 

2016 is almost here! And we have a great reason to celebrate a fabulous 2015!....The housing market in Sedona and elsewhere has been the best it’s been since 2007! That’s certainly a reason to celebrate the closing of 2015 and anticipate all the great things to be expected in 2016! 

Why is everything going so well and expected to continue? Well, with economic growth making headway, employment will continue to increase, meaning that people will have more money coming in and they’ll be able to buy their first home or upgrade to a new one. Housing Trends in 2016 for Sedona AZ

Here’s a closer look at the trends on the housing market in 2016. 

1. We’ll return to normal  

The year ahead will see healt...

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Sedona at Christmas

Sun, Nov 22nd 2015 4:32 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

Sedona at Christmas time is a season favorite! Check out all there is to do: 


Come to  Sedona Heritage Museum in Uptown Sedona from  11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. This is a free event. Visit or call 928-282-7038 to find out more about how every age can enjoy making holiday ornaments at the free activity table.  Create small gifts, adornments for holiday packages or trees and wreaths, or just spend some quality time with family or friends. This is a ‘make & take’ activity to do on your own, though instructions and samples are provided. 


Head to Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Uptown Sedona where...

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Homes in Oak Creek Canyon

Wed, Oct 28th 2015 4:17 pm by Tammy Emineth Local

Oak Creek Canyon - Sedona Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon

Considered Sedona's gateway to Flagstaff is Oak Creek Canyon, located in north Sedona on State Route 89A. When you live in Oak Creek Canyon, you're surrounded by nature and living next to or on the creek. Oak Creek Canyon is known for their autumn beauty in its vast array of colors.

You'll find several camping grounds in Oak Creek Canyon all with creek access. Slide Rock State Park is a huge hit with Sedona tourists and residents alike.  You'll find it just about 8 miles into Oak Creek Canyon. Additionally, the Trout Farm is a huge fan favorite and a great place to find a fresh fish dinner.

Have you been thinking about relocating to either Sedona or ...

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What to Look for in a Resale Home?

Mon, Sep 28th 2015 1:55 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

What to Look for in a Resale Home?

Many Sedona home buyers are looking for a home to potentially resale down the road. However, deciding upon a home's value can be a complex process. Do upgrades and remodeling projects really pay off? What is worth more: a three bedroom or four bedroom home with the same square footage? Read ahead to learn the answers to questions like these.

What to Look for in a Resale Home:What to look for in a resale home

  1. Location. You've heard again and again.... "location, location, location." Location is important and  includes factors such as the price of recent nearby home sales, the quality of local schools and whether the area has a strong sense of community. Buyers are valuing community...

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7 Reasons to Buy and Sell During the Summer

Mon, Aug 24th 2015 2:15 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

7 Reasons to Buy and Sell During the Summer [in Sedona]7 Reasons to Buy and Sell During the Summer

Not everyone is lucky enough to choose when they move whether you live in Sedona or elsewhere. For many people, it is just a waiting game. They can’t move until they either sell their current house or close on a new home. Moving is almost always secondary to the buying or selling.

However, if you are blessed enough to have the opportunity to choose when you are going to move, there is absolutely no question that the summer season is the ideal time to do it!

No matter your family’s situation, just about everyone is better off to move sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And that is exactly the reason summer is the most popu...

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Sedona Vortexes | What to See, When to See it and What it is

Thu, Jul 23rd 2015 2:49 pm by Tammy Emineth Sedona

Why do people come in droves to Sedona? The wine? Sure. The beauty of the red rocks? Of course. However, there's another "out of this world" reason people flock to this majestic place of natural witness being amidst a vortex. A vortex? What's a vortex? A vortex, by definition, is a mass or whirling fluid or air; a whirlpool or whirlwind. Therefore, a vortex in Sedona is a place where you can stand and feel an influx, sensation or "whirl of air" about you. Some claim it's nature. Some claim it's in your mind/soul/spirit since the beauty and nature of Sedona is so majestic, it awakes a sort of "spiritual" awareness within you. Still others claim, it's extra terrestrial.

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Homes near golf Courses in Village of Oak Creek

Tue, Jun 23rd 2015 5:00 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

Homes near golf Courses in Village of Oak CreekHomes near golf Courses in Village of Oak Creek

The Village of Oak Creek is home to three golf courses: Canyon Mesa, Sedona Golf Resort and The Oak Creek Country Club.

Canyon Mesa is a nine hole course catering to every type of golfer. It's great for novices while still challenging enough for more experienced golfers. Averaging just 140 yards a hole from the white tees, it's ideal for those just learning the game. Although, it's narrowness and difficult greens make it perfect for those experienced golfers wanting to work on "target golf". Come to Canyon Mesa and play a great game in under two hours!

Sedona Golf Resort  is a spectacular championship golf course designed by Gary Panks!  ...

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Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well

Thu, May 7th 2015 6:12 pm by Tammy Emineth Local

Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well

Montezuma's Castle is just a short 26 mile trip from Sedona. Truth is it was never a castle and Montezuma never lived there but just three miles from 1-17 at exit 289, at the end of the side road that winds down into the valley formed by Beaver Creek, you'll see what some have described as  a "prehistoric high-rise apartment building".

The castle sits nestled in the limestone cliff, 70 feet above the valley. It is a 5 story, 20 room dwelling that was built and resided in by the Sinagua Indians in the 12th century.

The ruins were first thought to be Aztec in origin...thus, its name. However, later it was discovered that was not the case.

The inha...

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Parks of Sedona

Thu, Apr 23rd 2015 12:00 pm by Tammy Emineth Sedona

Parks in Sedona

Posse Grounds ParkParks in Sedona

Posse Grounds Park (78.63 acres), located at 525 Posse Ground Road just south of West Sedona School, is Sedona's first park.

Historically, this area was used as a staging ground for the Sheriff's Posse. Today the park offers several amenities to the community. There are ten covered and landscaped ramadas that can be reserved for parties and special events or just used as a place to sit and enjoy lunch. Adjacent to the ramada area is a large playground for kids. Additionally, the park offers:

- two softball fields (lights available)

- a multi-use grass field

- two tennis courts (lights available).  One tennis court is stripped with four pickleball c...

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Easter Bunny Express in Sedona AZ

Wed, Mar 18th 2015 2:23 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

Easter Bunny Express in Sedona

What are you planning to do with your family in Sedona for Easter 2015?

The hoppiest celebration at Verde Canyon Railroad is the Easter Bunny Express! This annual opportunity awaits young and old patrons and new comers alike this Easter on Sunday, April 5th, 2015.Easter Bunny Express in Sedona AZ

The Verde Canyon Railroad has been around for over 100 years and is Arizona's longest running nature show! As if they're daily trips up the canyon weren't fun enough, their special events truly make for an unforgettable experience your friends and family will love. Their special events such as the Easter Bunny Express are known to sell out regularly to first time guests as well as return visitor...

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Red Hearts and Red Rocks - Spend Valentine's in Sedona!

Tue, Feb 10th 2015 2:13 pm by Tammy Emineth Events and Activities

Red Hearts and Red Rocks - Spend Valentine's in Sedona!

What better way to spend a day of love than in beautiful and romantic Sedona?! Take your someone special to see the gorgeous scenery of Sedona, and book a special excursion on the Verde Canyon Railroad's Chocolate Lovers Festival Train!

Sedona is known for its breathtaking sunsets amid vibrant colors of red rocks as far as the eye can see! Sedona is a great place to stay. You can start your morning by taking a stroll in the cool air of the morning, then, in the evening take another stroll with a glass of wine or enjoy a sunset. Add to all this beauty and romance, by partaking in the Chocolate Lovers Festival at the Verde Canyon Rai...

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Cornville and Page Springs Arizona Real Estate

Thu, Jan 15th 2015 1:42 pm by Tammy Emineth Local

Cornville and Page Springs Arizona

Page Springs and Cornville AZ real estateCornville, Arizona and neighboring Page Springs, Arizona are two unincorporated communities on the banks of Oak Creek with under 5,000 inhabitants. They are quiet, rural parts of the Verde Valley. Most of the people who call these communities home work in nearby Sedona and Cottonwood or are retired.

Although, you can find small, locally owned businesses close by to support and supply your basic needs, larger retailers for the area are found in nearby Cottonwood. The residents like life this way and it's the reason they call it "a quiet place". Serving the local youth is one elementary school and a private school, the Oak Creek Ranch School. A lot of ...

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New Year's Eve Celebrations in Sedona AZ

Wed, Dec 17th 2014 2:53 pm by Tammy Emineth Events and Activities

  Two Great Ways to Celebrate New Year's in Sedona

New Year's Eve Celebration at Poco Diablo Resort

There are several options for ringing in the new year at Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona.New Years Eve in Sedona Arizona

- Partake in one of our resort packages starting at $249.00. This includes a room, four course dinner for 2 in T. Carl's Restaurant and entry to the New Year's Eve Party in our Grand Ballroom.

- Enjoy a four course dinner for 2 and the New Year's Eve Party for $150 per couple.

- Enjoy dinner in T. Carl's Restaurant with a four course meal that includes an appetizer for sharing, soup or salad, an entree and dessert for only $45 per person.

-For $30 per person, partake in the festivities at our New Ye...

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Las Piedras - Village at Oak Creek Neighborhood

Thu, Nov 13th 2014 1:21 pm by Tammy Emineth Local

 Check Out Las PiedrasLas Pierdras

Have you ever been to the Village of Oak Creek? Or rather" the Village" as the locals like to call it? Well, it's on the southern tip of Sedona and considered a bedroom community of Sedona. The basis of the local economy here is retirees, second home owners and tourism.

 Tucked in near the base of Wild Horse Mesa in Big Park otherwise known as the Village of Oak Creek is the neighborhood of Las Piedas.

The fabulous neighborhood of Las Piedras consists of both townhomes and custom homes. There are still many lots available to build on. This is good news for  you!

This neighborhood is much more than just a development. It's truly a community of warm and friendly p...

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3 Mortgage Tips for your Sedona Home Purchase

Mon, Oct 13th 2014 6:29 pm by Tammy Emineth Buyers

3 Mortgage Tips

These tips on mortgages will help make the home buying experience more pleasant for you.

1.  Get Pre-Approved3 Mortgage Tips

If you were selling a home or something of more or equal value, would you want to sell it to someone who may not be able to pay for it? Of course not! Guess what? The person/s you'll be buying your home from feel the same way.

If you're interested in a seller's house and you want them to take it off the market for a period of usually a month waiting to close the deal. You better be pre approved. If the deal fails because you can't get a loan, the seller has lost a lot of selling time and possibly another potential buyer who WAS qualified.

Everyone knows money ...

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Fall Events in Sedona

Tue, Sep 16th 2014 2:39 pm by Tammy Emineth Events and Activities

Fall Events in Sedona Arizona

Fall is here in Sedona, Arizona and people are getting back to the routines and schedules they know and love. However, if you're still looking for some fun events to spice up your routine, Sedona will not disappoint. Check out what's happening this fall:Fall Events in Sedona AZ

Red Rose Arts and Crafts Show will be Saturday and Sunday September 27 and 28 from 10am to 5pm both days. Red Rose Inspiration for Animals is a no-kill animal rescue organization that concentrates it's focus on helping neglected, abused, and homeless animals. Their main fund raising program is a series of arts and crafts shows such as this one. This show is hosted by Olde Sedona Bar and Grill.

Celtic Harve...

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