Why Sedona?

Sedona, Arizona

Escape the chaos of life, kick back and relax in Sedona.

Besides the incredible views and beautiful red rocks that offer a variety of activities ranging from spiritual pursuits to hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails, Sedona is a city that straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai counties in the Northern Verde Valley Region of Arizona.  The small, breathtaking town attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year for its many resorts, sunshine and four delightfully mild seasons, art & cultures, and panoramic scenes surrounded by red rocks.

Completely surrounded by the Coconino National Forest (1.8 million acres), Sedona has been claimed the top spot when USA Weekend compiled their most beautiful places in America. Established in 1902 but not fully incorporated until 1988 the town gets its name from Sedona Schnelby, the wife of Theodore Schnelby, the city’s first postmaster, who was celebrated for her hospitality and industriousness.

The main highway which is 89A and runs thru Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona. It was Arizona’s first designated scenic highway and has been voted to be one of the most beautiful drives in America.  Whether people are coming for a getaway or to retire and/or make it their home, it is difficult to not fall in love with the good energy, beautiful views, delicious cuisine, and cute little shops that Sedona offers.

Most of Sedona’s real estate areas are made up of family residences and condo developments. There are several small owner-operated businesses in the area serving the community in these areas and others as well. For more detailed information on living in Sedona feel free to contact our offices at 928.282.4166. We have new listings and up to date information of Sedona real estate and Sedona Luxury Homes. We can also provide information on schooling, neighborhood and community services, and anything else you may need to move to beautiful Sedona.

If retirement is on your horizon, Sedona is the place to be.

Thousands of retirees have found the perfect mix of natural beauty, affordable living, and great medical care combines to make just the right prescription for those golden years. You’ll find plenty of activities geared toward retirement living including golf, community groups and plenty of places to sit and chat with friends old and new.

Give us a call to the office at 928.282.4166 to talk with an agent and gather more information about Sedona or possible buy your next home for retirement!! 

Sedona Lifestyle - Only In Sedona

Prepare to be captivated the moment you arrive. Sedona’s red rock mountains — aided by your imagination — take on shapes. Names like Cathedral Rock, Devil’s Bridge, Snoopy Rock and The Grand Piano describe a few. But all words fail when you come home at last to Sedona’s life of natural beauty, culture and tranquility.

Sedona Real Estate
No matter your taste in Sedona homes — Spanish Colonial, Southwest, French Country or a little something from them all — Sedona homes perfectly complement the scenery. This is true for homes small and cozy and those with grand archways and cathedral ceilings. And it's a given about the spectacular views! We understand your desire to find the perfect view that can’t be blocked.

The Place To Be And The Place to Buy

Today, the shift in Sedona home values has stabilized. As a homebuyer now free of market worries, you can focus on other matters important to your quality of life.

And safety is probably at the top of your list. Sedona offers the safety you seek. See for yourself: check out Sedona’s detailed crime statistics.

Next on your list of quality-of-life desires is a community. You need only spend time in Sedona to discover its people for yourself. People smile and are relaxed and friendly. And they care deeply about good schools and preserving the arts and environment. Many think this caring spirit is the result of living daily in the midst of such natural beauty. Whatever the reason, the people of Sedona are a delight and welcome newcomers with open hearts.

The Great Outdoors And The Arts

A natural wonderland of canyons, high desert terrain, forests, creeks and mountains, Sedona accommodates every level of energy, interest and cultural sophistication. There are trails for horseback riding, cycling and motor biking. Also, nooks and paths for hikers, joggers and those just looking for a stroll. Who knows? You may want to train for the Sedona Marathon, catch some trout in the Verde River or play golf at the Canyon Mesa Country Club. Camping in the Coconino National Forest is like a sleepover in a painting.

The scenic vibrancy not only inspires a reconnection with nature, but also motivates artistic passions. The Sedona landscape has attracted filmmakers since the days of silent movies. And Sedona is now host to the renowned Sedona International Film Festival.

Artisans of every medium and genre make Sedona their home. You can mix and mingle with them while enjoying their creations at exhibitions, openings and workshops in the more than 40 galleries lining Gallery Row. The Sedona Performing Arts Center is a grand venue that draws top talent. Also, annual festivals celebrating Native American culture, Shakespeare, different musical genres — including jazz and Bluegrass — help to keep art and culture alive for all.

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