Financing your Sedona Real Estate

Tips and information for starting off your Sedona real estate buying process right

Like we said in the buyers page, you must get pre-approved. Even in this buyers market right now having a letter from your lender stating you are approved for a loan says wonders to the sellers out there. They probably have already sat on their home longer than they would like and to delay the process further by wasting time on a buyer who is really not qualified to buy a home yet can be frustrating. Having a pre-approval letter in hand when submitting an offer can really put your offer ahead of the rest.

Learn about all the ways you can benefit from being a home owner.

Being a Sedona real estate owner means you can now deduct your mortgage interest on your taxes plus your annual taxes. Speaking of, your lender can also build into your mortgage payment your taxes, insurance and escrow costs so you have one simple payment each month. 

Go over your finances either by yourself or with a lender to determine their status. If you are not quite ready to buy a home a good lender can help you with some reasonable goals to set to obtain home ownership fairly quickly. Make sure you don't have a lot of debt and that your credit is in good standing. Don't make any large purchases during the time your home is being finalized. You don't want any issues to pop up that may prevent you from buying. For more information on financing Sedona real estate or to start your search on Sedona real estate contact our agents. We can refer lenders, escrow, home inspectors and help you with every step along the road to owning Sedona real estate.

Find out how much your mortgage payments will be.

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