How to Buy a New
or Pre-Construction Sedona Home

There are many new developments going up all over the Sedona real estate market. As a buyer it's exciting to tour model homes, open houses and online virtual tours. Typically a development will have at least one if not several model homes of the options in the development. These are designed to help the buyer invision themselves in the home. Most developments also have a showroom on site where buyers can pick and choose additional features and upgrades to the home.

Sedona home

This entire set up is great for buyers but also for those selling the homes. They have agents that are on site ready to be your buyer's agent for one of their homes or any other home you may find. This agent is working soley for the interest of the builder or developer and their own commission on the sale of these homes. While this is fine in doing so, this leaves the buyer vulnerable and exposed to whatever comes along during the process. The agent will most likely write up a legal contact and ask certain questions but their ultimate goal is selling the buyer the home they are listing.

Have Your Own Buyers Agent Before Touring Homes

One major way to be sure you as a buyer are protected is by hiring and establishing your own buyers agent to facilitate any Sedona real estate transactions. Using a buyers agent cost the buyer nothing as they receive a commission on whatever home the buyer ends up choosing. But this agent is working on the interest of the buyer and not any one particular seller. This ensures the buyer receives top service and confidentiality during the transaction.

When a buyer then visits a model home or showroom they can state they are working with a buyers agent and the buyer should feel less pressure and feel comfortable to view the homes without ulterior motives from the sales team.

If you are in need of a buyers agent to help you find and purchase any Sedona homes or properties please don't hesitate to contact us!