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Benefits And Services To Homebuyers

Wherever you are in the world, RE/MAX Sedona is here to help you begin or continue your search for the perfect home. No matter your reason for wanting a Sedona home, we understand that living in Sedona is a lifestyle choice and choosing your views, all important.

Whatever your buying goal, we do it all; we do it well, and we do more than any other area real estate agency, even those with more offices and double or triple our number of agents. When you choose RE/MAX Sedona, here’s what you get:

An experienced agent — RE/MAX Sedona agents average over 12 years industry experience. This guarantees you an experienced professional with well-honed negotiating skills and extensive knowledge of the Sedona and Verde Valley real estate markets.

Convenience to your schedule — Over 80% of our buyers are from out of town. So don’t worry if you come to Sedona and have only a day or two to look at homes or property. We meet you on your schedule at your time.

Diversity of agents — Our agents have a wide diversity of backgrounds and personalities, and some are bilingual. Our collaborative relationships with each other enable our initial primary concern to be matching you with an agent with whom you feel comfortable. This kind of agent collaboration and concern for the client’s comfort is unheard of in most real estate offices.  At RE/MAX it is second nature.

Quick response — The RE/MAX Sedona office is open seven days a week, and we answer our phones. Many of our agents answer their phones anytime day or night. Others use voice mail after 9 PM MST and accept texts and emails. If you’re out looking and call on a RE/MAX Sedona for-sale sign, you speak with a person, not a recording.

Risk reduction — Our agents’ willingness to collaborate by sharing their knowledge, experience and connections within the real estate business gives us the ability to reduce a buyer’s risk. For instance, if we know a home you’re considering has issues, we get the right professionals to answer your questions to help you make an informed decision.

Network of top real estate vendors — Our network of quality vendors includes everyone from home inspectors to mortgage lenders to well diggers and plumbers. And we know which ones to trust to get your work done at fair prices.   We are never paid for referring any vendor.
Due diligence — When you choose RE/MAX Sedona and you currently reside elsewhere, you can depend on us to make you aware of issues that may not exist where you live. For example, if you’ve never had a septic system or well, we provide all relevant information to ensure you can make an informed decision.

Proactive service — At RE/MAX Sedona, we’re known for being proactive. We seek out issues, problems, obstacles and challenges ahead of time to determine what’s needed to insure your purchase will close on time.
Wide service area — Although our office is in Sedona, RE/MAX Sedona serves the entire Verde Valley.

Overcoming buyer concerns — We help overcome your concerns, especially your concern for paying too much. Our detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) shows a home’s competitive position in the marketplace. And with our in-depth market knowledge — from long years of experience in the Verde Valley, we can pinpoint the greatest value and help insure your investment is as safe as possible.

Responding to today’s market challenges — At RE/MAX Sedona, our agents are solution finders.  We help you understand today’s market and economic climate — which includes the way banks now do business in real estate.  We want your surprises to be pleasant ones.

Electronic Communication — Our agents are computer literate and excel in the latest methods of electronic communication and document handling: smart phones, email, scanning, digital signing solutions and texting enable them to communicate and send documents from almost anywhere.

These benefits and services are why our buyer clients come away from the purchase experience smiling and ready to bring us their repeat business and refer family and friends. Simply put, they’re happy with our performance and thrilled with the results. When you choose RE/MAX Sedona, you will be too!

Call us now at (928) 282-4166. Our office is open seven days a week ... and we answer our phones.  

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