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Benefits And Services To Home Sellers

At RE/MAX Sedona, we understand that living in Sedona is a lifestyle choice. And whether you need to sell your home to make a lifestyle change or you want to move to your dream home, we’re here to help.

In fact, whatever your real estate goal, we do it all; we do it well, and we do more than any other area real estate agency, even those with more offices and double or triple our agents.

When you choose RE/MAX Sedona to sell your home, here’s what you get:

An experienced agent — RE/MAX Sedona agents average over 12 years industry experience.  This guarantees you an experienced professional with expert negotiating skills and extensive knowledge of the Sedona and Verde Valley real estate markets.

Best price possible and shorter sales cycle — We’re dedicated solution finders because we understand your need to make plans and move on. Our record of unrivaled performance for selling more real estate than any other area company greatly increases your chances of selling your home.

Expert guidance in pricing to sell — Our detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) shows your home’s competitive position in the marketplace. And our in-depth market knowledge and constant preview of homes coming on the market keep your home ahead of the competition.

Worldwide exposure — With almost all homebuyers (92%) beginning their search on the Internet, broad exposure on the World Wide Web is critical to selling your home. We reach the largest audience of searching homebuyers by showcasing your home on the most important real estate search sites such as,, (in 30 languages and 8 currencies),, and many others.

Local and tourist exposure — Sedona attracts over 4 million tourists annually, many of whom fall in love with our city and become homebuyers. We ensure you reach them while they’re here by promoting your home in quality print publications such as Homes and Land Magazine, available everywhere locally, and in the Sedona Red Rock News.

High visibility and easy access — With RE/MAX the most recognized real estate brand in the world and over 80% of our buyers coming from out of town, we positioned our office right in the heart of West Sedona.  It is highly visible and easily accessible.  We are in the Safeway Plaza on State Route 89A.

High level of home security — Our use of the Supra electronic KeyBox gives you peace of mind by recording and immediately transmitting showing information such as what agent entered your home and when. To access your home, an agent must have both an electronic key and a pass code.  The key restricts access to selected hours of entry, set by you, to insure your safety and control.

Convenience to buyers’ schedules — With so many homebuyers coming from out of town and having only a day or two to house shop, we meet them on their schedule at their time. When prospective buyers are out looking and call about the RE/MAX Sedona yard sign, they speak with a person, not a recording.

Quick response — The RE/MAX Sedona office is open seven days a week, and we answer our phones. Many of our agents answer their phones anytime day or night. Others use voice mail after 10 PM unless it’s a live escrow. Also, inquiries from the Web about your home are sent to an agent within minutes.

Risk reduction — We have the ability to reduce your risk as a home seller. For instance, we encourage you to disclose every issue known about your property so that if something goes wrong with the house after your transaction closes, you won’t find yourself facing a complain.  We also encourage home warranty programs.  These protect the buyer from the unknown.

Proactive service — Because of our focus on risk reduction, we’re known for being proactive. We seek out issues, problems, obstacles and challenges ahead of time to determine what’s needed — and we provide it before it’s required.

Network of top real estate vendors — With our extensive network of vendors, we know the ones to trust to get your work done quickly, with top quality and fair pricing.

These benefits and services are why our home sellers come away from the home sale experience smiling and ready to bring us their repeat business and refer family and friends. Simply put, they’re happy with our performance and thrilled with the results. When you choose RE/MAX Sedona, you will be too!

Call us now at (928) 282-4166. Our office is open seven days a week ... and we answer our phones.

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