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Selling your house can be a stressful situation but there are some ways that you can alleviate that stress by preparing, planning ahead, and choosing the right real estate agent. But no matter how long we've done this we still here are some of the most horrific selling advice. There's always something new or some new tactic that homeowners have heard that may work to sell their house, but chances are, the best way to sell a house is to stage accordingly, price it right from the beginning, and marketed to the right buyer. However, if you've heard some of these tactics, you might be tempted to try them as well.

Here's some of the worst home selling advice we've ever heard.

#1. Don't make any improvements to your house.Bad Advice When Selling  Your House (and how to avoid)

But the advice doesn't stop there; we've heard that seller should not make any improvements to their house until the buyer requires it. Many sellers wait until after the inspection before doing any work on the house, but the downside to this is that you might not even get a buyer to begin with in the first place. We always recommend that all of our homeowners repair as much as they can, especially items that are in dire need of repair such as a failing roof, faulty foundation, missing or damaged appliances or other major issues that buyers will have a problem with. It's best to make the home as livable and comfortable as possible. Chances are, buyers will still find some little thing to complain about that you can worry about that after you've done all the major issues.

#2. All real estate agents are the same.

This is simply not true. Why do we know this? Because we've been a broker in Sedona Arizona for years, we've had dozens of real estate agents come and go through our office. The good ones, dedicated, honest, fair and ethical, the ones that do the most work, sell the most homes, and stick around the longest. Finding a part-time real estate agent to sell your home on the weekends may not be the best option to get the home sold quickly for the best value. Real estate agents that work full time, understand individual markets and neighborhoods, and have a good collection of buyers in their repertoire is really the best way to get your home sold quickly for fair market value.

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#3. Open houses have to be done to sell the house.

I hate to break the news to you, but open houses don't usually sell a house. Most homeowners require it and wonder why an agent wouldn't conduct an open house but open houses are really just for looking loo's in the neighborhood and a great way to find potential buyers. It usually does not actually sell the house. However, it is one of the most recognizable activities in a real estate agents toolbox so most homeowners will expect it but understand that it is a myth that open houses sell the home.

#4. It's important for the homeowner to be present during all showings.

Yes, you know your house better than anyone, but the buyer doesn't want to hear about the day you brought your daughter home from the hospital, the measurement marks on the wall as your kids grew, or the time you put in a top-of-the-line septic system. You want to look at the house without feeling the uncomfortable pressure of the seller looking over their shoulder. They want the freedom to look through the house and see themselves in the property rather than the ghosts of the previous owner.

There are a lot of things that we've heard sellers tell us over the years but if you really want to get the home sold, and that is the goal, it's important to choose the right real estate agent that understands the market, the neighborhood in which you are selling, and has a great reputation of getting home sold for fair market value as well as helping buyers purchase the right property.
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