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Is it possible? For some it is! But it also depends on how willing you are to prepare the house for a fast sale. I'm not talking about dropping the price so far that you're giving the home away, but have you ever wondered why one house sells in a neighborhood within days while others sit on the market for weeks or even months?

You don't want to be that guy. You want your house sold. So, here's what a recent client did to get the house sold fast.How you could sell your home in 48 hours

#1. She timed it right

Timing is everything in the real estate market. Now is an excellent time to sell as we head into spring and summer. People that sell right before major holidays were when people are going to be out of town is never a good idea. I understand that a lot of people need to sell at specific times but if you can plan it right, getting the home on the market over a weekend to get more people through the door quicker. That's exactly what my client did. She waited to list her home just after tax season, at the beginning of spring. Many people got their tax returns and were ready to make a large down payment.

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#2. She cut the clutter.

Before even listing the property she rented a storage facility and took out half of the items from her house; literally half. Half the clothes, furniture, books, accessories and home decorations. This opened up the home and she was able to stage more freely with simpler items.

#3. She asked for honest opinions.

Many people have lived in their home so long that they become immune to the home's smell or odor. If you have pets, people that don't have pets will immediately notice whether you have a The Litter box whether you have dogs. Have someone be honest with you and tell you if your home smells or not. You need to neutralize that smell as quickly as possible. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, have deodorizers and neutralizer's spread throughout the house. Stick to a light scent that offers a more homey smell such as vanilla or warm sugar.

#4. She had professional photos done.

We want all of our listings to show the home in the absolute best light. Not only do we take professional photos but we took them during different times of the day as well. We took them on cloudy days and on sunny days and then chose the best ones before listing the property.

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#5. She made the first impression the best.

MLS requirements state that the first picture of the home needs to either be the outside of the home or the view from the house. Because this home didn't really have a view we spruced up the outside by adding new mulch, adding a little bit of nitrogen to the lawn to boost the green color, trimmed everything very well and added pops of color in potted plants. This created a dramatic statement for the outside of the house and impress buyers both in photographs and potential drive-bys.

You can sell your house fast but you have to prepare it and present it in a way that will impress buyers right off the bat and make them want to put in an offer immediately so that no one else gets it. You do all of these things on top of pricing it correctly and you'll have an offer in no time.

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