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Sedona Living and the Wildlife that surrounds you

Family adventures in Sedona


There are many perks to living in Sedona and the surrounding towns. You have everything from small city living, nights out on the town, hole in the wall shops, awarding winning restaurants and more. There are a few hidden gems in Sedona that you can stumble upon such as breathtaking hiking trails and beautiful wildlife. While there may be brightly colored wildflowers peppered through Sedona, there are also many different animals to discover.

When you think of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico or really any sunny and dry state, one of the first animals that come to mind would be the rattlesnake. Sedona is home to multiple different species of rattlesnakes, while we don’t recommend seeking them out, it makes for a fun day of learning to study each different species. The Prairie Rattlesnake, the diamondback rattlesnake, as well as the Mojave rattlesnake all call Sedona home. Contrary to common belief, rattlesnakes play a huge role in our environment helping to keep rodent populations at bay. Rattlesnakes try to avoid human contact when possible, should you stumble upon one, keep your distance and slowly back away from the area that the snake is calling home.

As kids often seeing wildlife outside of a zoo is a fun experience that can easily make your day. An animal that is commonly seen in Sedona is the Mule Deer. This deer can be caught grazing in the early evening along the Sedona Scenic byway. Pack some dinner and see if you can spy one of these beautiful Sedona animals.

Bird watching is a sport that takes patience and a solid knowledge of the different species of birds that are native to the area. There are many Sedona residents that have wings, one of which is the Arizona Raven.  While the Arizona Raven can be found in many different locations, their commonly seen soaring through the Grand Canyon which seems to top all sightings. These Ravens can often be seen soaring the Sedona skies, their solid black bodies mimicking a silhouette. Grab some binoculars and see how many you can spy!

The state mammal of Arizona is none other than the Ringtail Cat. (pictured) This stunning creature is nocturnal as well as shy, which makes sightings very rare. The Ringtail Cat has a poof of fluff, big doe eyes, and baby soft fur making sure to win its way into your heart with its adorable features. The Ringtail Cat maintains a few cat-like habits but contrary to common belief are a member of the raccoon family and hunt things like insects, small rodents, and lizards. If you are lucky enough to spot one make sure to snap a picture!

With so many different animals only steps out of your front door, the only questions is what animals you will spy? Whether you are a single who loves bird watching, or a family looking for a fun hobby, there is always something fun to experience in the quaint town of Sedona. Try making an “I Spy Journal” for either yourself or for your kids and fill it with all of the different animals you spot, pasteing in photos to show the exact animals that you were able to discover. Enjoy!

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