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Finding a family friendly adventure can often be a much more difficult task than you may think. Of course, there are many different things you can do indoors that require a pretty penny, however, I am always on the lookout for adventures that can not only get my family outside but also get my family moving to maintain a healthy life style.  While the adventurer in me is nearly bursting at the seems I love it when I just so happen to stumble upon a beautiful piece of nature that can be explored by not only beginners, but also beginners in training. AKA: a grumpy, tired, hungry, mood-swinging toddler. Grab your calendar and a pen and make sure your weekend plans are filled with a trip to this beautiful and family friendly hike.Coffee Pot Trail in Sedona

There are dozens of different hiking activities surrounding Sedona; the problem is finding one that is designed for the whole family to enjoy. As if the name doesn’t say it all, Coffeepot Trail is a beautiful hike that is designed for the whole family to enjoy. Let’s be real, we love anything with the word coffee in it! This small day trip will start in a parking area right off of Buena Vista. Sharing this lot is also the trailheads to both Teacup Trail and Sugarloaf Trail so make sure to plan for a few extra minutes to find a good parking space. Once you’ve un-loaded and are ready to start your adventure head on out and begin walking the Teacup Trail. You will eventually reach and unmarked intersection and by taking the unmarked trail you will begin your walk along Coffeepot trail.

Your adventure will be just less than 2.5 miles round trip leaving little legs tired but not fully exhausted. If you’re lucky you’ll get a good nap out of them! While walking through the trail you will get to a point where the trail turns into narrow ledges, at that point stop and look up and you will find yourself right under the iconic spout of Coffeepot rock, a well known Sedona Landmark. Another huge bonus to this family hike is simply knows as “Shark Rock.” There isn’t much explanation needed here, Shark Rock is quite literally a rock that looks like a Shark. The open mouth of a “great white shark” is sure to be a sight your children, and even you, will fall in love with. Grab your camera and take a picture for your photo album so you can prove you were up close and personal with a Great White.

The only thing left to do is pack your lunch, snacks and shoes and head on over to the Coffeepot Trail. With the Arizona sunshine to accompany you, the world is your playground, get on out there and explore it with the people who mean the most to you. Start your adventure and plan your trip to not only Coffeepot Trail, but also find time to wander many of the other beautiful hikes that surround the Sedona area.


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