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Greenbelt living in Verde Valley

Without a doubt, the Verde Valley is one of the prettiest areas of Arizona. The stretch along the very important Verde River in an area known as the greenway or greenbelt is particularly lush and beautiful.

The Verde River is one of few free- flowing rivers left in the state of Arizona. The 36 miles of lush land along the shores of the river, the greenbelt is some of the most notable and beautiful land in the Verde Valley. This is the habitat for most of the valley’s wildlife including blue heron, black hawks, ducks, coyotes, raccoons, mule deer, beavers, frogs, turtles, toads, and more. You will also find a few endangered species including river otter, southwestern bald eagles, and leopard frogs. One of the most notable things about the greenbelt is the dense forest including the cottonwood trees which are very rare in Arizona and the world.

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If you are looking for a home with land and a place to garden or keep horses the greenbelt is a great place to be. The greenbelt right around the shores of the river is great for planting. This is a popular place to settle for those looking to live a laid back lifestyle enjoying the natural surroundings.

Living near the river also allows you to take advantage of one of Verde Valley’s most popular activities, kayaking. You can get out on the river almost daily when you live in the greenbelt. Other popular water sports include canoeing and rafting.

One thing to be aware of along the greenbelt, homes in some areas are subject to flooding and may have special requirements when it comes to insurance and building specifications. Many homes are raised up off the ground and have basements that are not considered livable areas. The ground floor can be used as storage or garage space. Residents living along the river feel it is a small price to pay as the river rarely reaches flood height. Winter months, February specifically, is when threats of flood, are greatest. The greenbelt still remains some of the most sought after areas to live on in the Verde Valley.

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Properties along the Verde River are highly popular and range in price anywhere from $200,000 to several million. It is a good idea to hire an experienced local real estate agent to help you find the right greenbelt property. For more information on living in Sedona and the Verde Valley or Sedona area real estate for sale please feel to browse the website or contact us anytime.

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