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There are an infinite number of reasons people move. Whether it's for the military, marriage, divorce, new career, family change (or a dozen other reasons), you want to make it as stress-free as possible. 

We have lot of moving options in Sedona as far as moving, packing and storage companies but there are simple and costly mistakes many people make when relocating. Here are some of the ones we see the most AND how to avoid them. 

Moving Misakes

#1. You haven't researched the location or the property.

There's nothing worse than moving in, getting all settled only to realize you're in a flight path or the home is next to railroad tracks. Maybe the neighbor's dog barks incessantly or the city dump is literally over your back fence. 

Research the place first. Find out about the neighborhood and ask your Remax agent about the location before finalizing payment. 

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#2. You Underestimated Moving Expenses.

This is VERY easy to do. You budget $1000 only to realize you haven't even rented the moving truck yet and you're over $1200 already!  Moving can be expensive, especially if you are funding it yourself. Some companies may reimburse employees for moving expenses or military families could have the entire move covered, but for many, moving can be pricey. It depends on how far away you're moving, gas for however many vehicles you're transporting, packing materials, extra fees for moving vans, rentals, equipment and any traveling expenses along the way (food, hotel, etc..)

Make a list of everything you think you need and how much you assume it will cost. Add on at least 10% to that number. If in the end you didn't need that much, then you have a reserve to get started with in your new home. Consider food once you get to your new home. If you've moved across state lines, you may need to replenish an entire pantry and fridge and you'll need food right away. 

#3. You paid too much for packing supplies.

Sure, you can go out and buy boxes and bubble wrap and packing materials, but you can also just use what you have! Check the liquor store, grocery stores, appliance stores for boxes or look on Craigslist and other classified sites for people that have just moved and need to get rid of a slew of boxes or hit up social media for anyone getting rid of boxes. (Then don't forget to do the same to others when you move - it's a great way to get rid of all those boxes).

Then use your own materials as packing. Use blankets, clothes and towels to wrap delicate and fragile items. You probably have all the packing materials you really need. 

#4. You didn't label boxes.

This is really a rookie mistake but so easy to do if you've never moved before or it's been a long time. Gosh, those boxes just keep piling up and you have to open up each one to find something. That gets annoying and time consuming fast. Label the boxes as you go. Write what room they belong in and most of the things in the box like this:


  • coffee maker
  • blender
  • utensils
  • mugs

That coffee maker may be the most important thing in your new house.

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#5. You misplaced the most important documents.

Things like driver's licenses, birth certificates, medical records, manuals, passports, school records and anything else you might need to start a new life in a new place. Change of address forms may require these items. Make a list of all mail recipients that will need to know your new information and have all this in a file with you at all times. If you have someone  else move you, don't leave this valuable information in a box for someone else to lose. Keep it with you throughout the move and in the car that you will be driving to the new house.

These are just the most common mistakes we've seen. We want you to be prepared, ready and excited about your move. Call us today to learn more.

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