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Tips for Checking Out an HVAC System When Buying a Home

Here in Sedona, we get some very high temperatures in the summer and sometimes some very cold ones in the winter. It is a good idea to know the Sedona home you are purchasing has air conditioning and heating systems that are in great condition. Here are some tips on how to check out a home’s HVAC systems.  

Look at It 

This one seems like it’s a little obvious. Air conditioning units, furnaces, and boilers are all hidden away from the main areas of the home where buyers don’t typically go. When you are doing a walk through before making an offer make sure to look at this equipment. Ask yourself if it looks like it is clean and in good condition. Just looking at the system from the outside won’t tell you everything about the unit’s actual working condition, but if something looks concerning and you wish to go forward in the buying process you can communicate to the inspector you would like them to give extra attention to inspecting it. 

Ask About the Age 

All HVAC systems have a pretty solid lifespan that slightly varies depending upon how it was maintained and cared for. Most systems have a 15-year lifespan. Older HVAC models also are not as energy-efficient so they will end up costing you a bit more in monthly energy bills. 

Find the Energy Label 

All heating and cooling systems have (should have) an energy sticker/label on them. This label lists the particular unit’s energy efficiency and the cost to operate it relative to similar equipment. It will help to give you a good idea of just how energy efficient it is. Keep in mind the age of the unit and if it seems to be well maintained. These factors will adjust to a little lower than the label suggests.  

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Ask About the Maintenance and Repair Record 

If you are interested in making an offer or already have made one, it is an excellent idea to ask about the service record of the HVAC system. Sometimes the system will have a dated repair and maintenance ticket on the side left there by the technician. It will include the date of the service and what was performed along with a way of contacting the person or company that performed the work. This helps the next technician to know what was previously done along with home inspectors in case there are questions. Take a look at the ticket to check out the repair record. Keep an eye out for anything that says blower motor or compressor these are major repairs.  

Take Note of Each Room’s Temperature 

As you are taking a tour of the home pay attention to how comfortable the temperature is . There is definitely a problem if the home is still stuffy while the air conditioning is running or if rooms are different temperatures as you walk through them. If the temperature is not consistent through the house it could mean ductwork is needed.  

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Air conditioning and HVAC systems are an important part of any home especially in Sedona homes where the weather can be extreme during the summers and winters.  
For more information on buying a home in Sedona please contact us at any time. We would love to help you find the perfect home. 

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