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Vital Tips Every Sedona Home Buyer Should Know

Before setting out to buy a home, there are a few things most home buyers don't know that could cost them in the end, financially and emotionally.

1. Don't always trust the referred home inspector

Most Sedona real estate agents know a few inspectors and can refer you to them when the time comes. But if the deal falls through due to the inspection the agent will not get the commission. Some agents have inspectors in their pockets ready to approve the home no matter what. Be sure you trust your agent and/or get your own inspector that you feel comfortable with. (For more on home inspections see our Santa Fe real estate affiliate)

2. Get a buyers agent to close your deal

Don't use the listing agent when buying Sedona AZ real estate. That agent is working for the best interest of their first client which is the seller. If you as the buyer come along and trust the listing agent to close the deal for you, not only do they receive the entire commission but their interest was not to protect you but the seller. Even though many agents are honest and hardworking people, it pays to have your own agent helping you on your side throughout the deal.

3. Watch out what you sign

Most agents and lenders are really in it for your best interest but you never know. Be sure you understand everything you are signing and if something is different when you sign then when you agreed upon it, then you need be aware of all changes and details. If the agent or lender is not willing to discuss and explain all the details of a transaction, then maybe they are not the right fit for you.

If you have any more questions on the buyers end of a Sedona AZ real estate transaction don't hesitate to contact us. We want to provide our clients with all avenues to make informed decisions on their Sedona real estate purchase.