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The words recently renovated or recently updated are appealing when you see them while searching for homes. They entice you into looking further. Who doesn’t want a home that is close to brand new without the higher price?  
Some renovators, whether they are hired professionals, house flippers, hobbyists, or DIYers will put in upgrades or redo an area in a home with less attention than needed to make the property look nice hoping to get a big return on investment and bring in a top listing price. In these cases, the home will look great at first glance but could end up needing work and costing money as time passes.  How to Know if Home Renovations Were Done Well
When buyers are looking at newly renovated homes they should be careful to look at the quality of the work. You want a high-quality renovation not a hasty, poorly done, or cheaply done renovation.  

Things You Can Do to Check Renovation and Remodel Work 

Permits and Coding 

Buyers can do a bit of homework to discover if a home was renovated by a professional contractor and whether that contractor has gone through the proper channels to get the work done. The first thing that buyers should be looking for in their research is whether the work is permitted and completed to code.   
Ask for the name of the person that performed the work and research them. Check out other projects they have done and their licensing and qualifications. Check public records to make sure they conduct their business responsibly by obtaining the correct permits. Hiring an appraiser who can research these things for you is a great idea. It may be a bit of an investment, but the money saved on walking away from a poorly done renovation will save much more money.  

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Sometimes homes that have been renovated may still have an open permit. The work was done before it was actually finalized and approved. In these cases, you will not be able to secure a loan for the property. Checking permits will save you the hassle and headache of finding this out after you have made an offer. While checking on permits you should also make sure that the renovated space is being used in a proper manner congruent to the permit and up to code. Work was done that is not permitted or up to code will affect the value of the home.  

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Look at the Home Three Times 

This may seem like overkill or that you are annoying, but it is well worth the extra time. Here’s why: the first time you go to see a home in person it can be sensory overload everything is new there is a lot to take in. The second time you see the home you have the big picture already in mind and begin to pay closer attention to detail. The third time you look even closer at the fine details and it is here where you can identify any red flags that raise questions.  
Buyers should be scrutinizing the quality of the products used as well as the quality of how they were installed. What are the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom made of? And do they all line up properly? Quality work will show through attention to the smallest detail.  
A great person to help scrutinize the quality of materials and attention to work is an experienced inspector or another licensed trustworthy contractor.  
Doing your homework on renovation work may take some extra time and possibly some extra money, but it is well worth it to know the price you are paying was money well spent.  
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