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3 Main Things to Look for When Buying a Desert Home

3 Main Things to Look for When Buying a Desert Home
Posted By Tammy Emineth @ Jan 23rd 2020 5:29pm In: Buyers

Sedona is located in the upper Sonoran Desert. We believe that there is quite a lot to love about living in the desert, especially when you live in Sedona. First of all the beauty of the scenery in Sedona is unmatched anywhere. There are a few things that are different about living in a desert home, so if you are moving to Sedona from out of town or state here are some things to consider when purchasing a desert home.  
 3 Main Things to Look for When Buying a Desert Home


A well-constructed desert home is going to be built with different materials than most traditional American homes that are built mostly out of wood. Wood is not the best choice of building materials for desert climates. Even the highest quality wood will warp and distort under the intense heat and dry desert air. Homes made of stone, adobe, or ICF concrete are going to hold up much better in the intense heat of the desert as well as help keep indoor temperatures much cooler.  
Windows that are treated and tinted are also important in a desert home. You will want to ensure the home you purchase has windows that are treated, or that the cost of the home reflects needing to have this done. Window treatments help to keep out intense sun rays and lower cooling costs. 


Temperature control has a much higher demand in the desert. Air conditioning is a must in areas like Sedona during the highest temperatures of summer. To help lower the need to run the air conditioning at a super low temperature and run up the energy bill, well-built desert homes will have higher ceilings and good quality ceiling fans to help circulate the heat in the home. Homes with window fans are an added bonus for heat control, fans should be pointed outward to keep warm air from being blown in the window while still creating a breeze.   

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One of the biggest differences in desert homes is landscaping. Traditional green grass lawns are possible in the desert, but they are a lot of work. If you are someone that prefers not to spend most of their waking hours taking care of the lawn, then desert friendly landscaping is the way to go. As you drive through Sedona and other desert cities and neighborhoods you will find many yards have vegetation including cacti, desert sage, hop bush and more that require little watering. You will also find deep layers of gravel surrounding plants and making up much of the landscape as it helps plants to better retain water. Though the landscape looks different there is still much opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces with patios and even a pool. Outdoor nighttime activities are popular in the desert so you may find backyard patios with decorative lighting and fun firepits to be common.  
For more information on buying a home in Sedona and living in Sedona please browse our website or contact us anytime.  

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