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What Home Buyers Really Want to See in Your HomeSelling a home has changed quite a bit over the last 10 years. Due to the recession that happened around 2007 today’s buyers are more savvy and careful and also more demanding. The things that once sold homes in the recent past will no longer get a home sold today.

Marketing a Home is More than Just Listing
Standard online listings are not going to attract a large number of buyers, it takes more. Buyers start their search online and they are looking for homes with amazing professional photos, video walkthroughs, and true 3D virtual tour floor plans (not a virtual tour slideshow). Buyers are looking for homes marketed with the latest online techniques including social media. With the convenience of technology, today’s buyers are ruling out hundreds of listings before stepping foot on the property.

Online marketing of today’s real estate has got to be top-notch, especially with an increase in buyers that have never known life without the internet. Redfin claims that listings with professional photos get 61% more views. Video tours, including the neighborhood and nearby hotspots, also caught the eye of more buyers. Today’s average buyer leads a busy life and is looking to have nearly all of their questions answered about a home before making an appointment to see it. It also helps buyers who are relocating from areas too far away to view homes in person.

Fair Market Pricing

Listing for the right price is an art in today’s market. The biggest mistake many sellers make is pricing too high. As stated above today’s home buyer is savvier about many things including what is a fair market value for homes in the area they are searching. It is much harder to get a buyer to pay over appraisal even in a seller’s market unless there is an extremely competitive bidding war. Listing too high can keep your home on the market for a long time.

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Curb Appeal

This is not a new concept, but it is one that stands the test of time in any real estate market. Homes that have curb appeal sell faster. Buyers aren’t looking for homes to be overly perfect from the street, but they do want something clean, well cared for, and pleasing to the eye at first sight. This could be as simple as cleaning up the landscaping and freshening up the front porch. Related: Are trees good for my property?

Staging is Expected

In the past, you would only expect to see a perfectly clean and staged home in new construction, high-end listings, and homes that are desperate to sell. Now cleaning out the closets, removing personal knick-knacks and clutter, paring down furniture, and creating showroom spaces that buyers can imagine living in is expected as the norm. Two areas to pay special attention to staging include the entrance and bathrooms.

Consider an Inspection

Before this was solely the responsibility of a home buyer after putting an offer in on a home. Today wise sellers are having homes inspected before they put them on the market to get their home fixed up and in top shape so it will appeal to buyers and sell more quickly. There are a lot of first-time buyers searching for homes right now and they are looking to purchase homes that won’t need a lot of extra money put into them right away. (Have we mentioned that today’s average buyer is a lot savvier?)

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