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Today’s real estate market is more competitive than ever. Selling a home takes a little more than it did in year’s past. Though it is a seller’s market right now in Sedona a home still needs to be up to par to sell quickly and for the best price.5 Must-Dos When Selling Your Sedona Home

When selling a home there will be a long list of to-do’s to get your home ready to show in its best light. It is easy for that list to stack up with tasks and then things can fall through the cracks as you get busy trying to check stuff off the list while still accomplishing daily life tasks.

Below are five things homes sellers should have on their list and make sure not to forget to do before putting their home on the market to get their home sold quickly and for the best price.

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Finding the Right Realtor

Just because someone has a real estate license does not automatically mean they are great at what they do. Unfortunately not all agents get into the business because they want to help people find a place to call home and comfortably live their life. Make sure you interview and vet more than one agent. Ask them several probing questions and do your homework so you know the agent you are hiring is going to do the best job possible to sell your home.


Google Your Home

That’s right, you need to internet stalk your own address. A large percentage of home buyers begin their buying process on the internet. The information that comes up about your home online can greatly help or hinder your home sale. The majority of home buyer’s in today’s market are hugely savvy and they are looking at more than just curb appeal and if it fits their price range.

Find out every bit of information the internet has on your home. Discover what city and county tax records show about your home’s square footage, number of rooms/baths, what your home looks like on google earth or a Zillow/Trulia street view, what all online home search sites estimate as the current value, and what is good about the neighborhood including safety and schools. Now is the time to correct any posted misconceptions about your home. If you are unsure how to get these corrected asking your newly vetted agent is a great idea.

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List Out All Work/Improvements

Be forthcoming and disclose any issues the home has had since you have been living in it and what steps you took to fix them.  It is better to be upfront and honest here, to communicate any issues. For example, you found a leak in the bathroom and at that time you invested in all newly updated pipes and a complete updating and renovating of that bathroom. This communicates to buyers that you took the best and most proactive care of the home during your ownership than letting them come to their own conclusions about how you cared for the home during an inspection.

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Deep Cleaning

Not only do you need to have your home de-cluttered and staged well so buyers can imagine themselves living there, it needs to be clean for showings, very clean. Scrub all surfaces including inside cabinets, windows and window sills, under and behind furniture, closets, storage spaces, everywhere. If you can afford to, hire a professional carpet/tile/hard-surface cleaner and a maid service. Also, consider having a landscaper over to do a one-time clean-up of the yard. Related: Why you should keep trees and shrubs away from the house


Front Door

Make sure your front door is in top working condition and you have a spare key ready for the lock box. Not only does a front door play a huge part in curb appeal, but you want your door hardware in peak condition for home showings. There are going to be many realtors using the spare key kept in a lock box to gain entry into your home. You don’t want the second thing buyers see (first being the curb appeal) is a door that does not function properly.

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