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Pumpkin spice has grown in popularity since the launch of the famous coffee drink nearly a decade and a half ago. Now the season we have always known as fall has been re-named pumpkin spice season with a tongue and cheek playfulness. Beginning in August all sorts of pumpkin spice flavored, scented, colored, etc. items are released to store shelves and nostalgic fall fanatics begin to get excited for a change in seasons.  How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Spice Cleaner
Some say the science behind the popularity of the pumpkin spice trend has to do with warm fuzzy holiday memories that the scent invokes in our memories. Others say the memories combined with large amounts of sugar make anything pumpkin spice addictive and we begin to crave it. Still others claim that it is nearly a human need for belonging and popularity that draws them to the trend.  
Whatever the reason, if you are a pumpkin spice lover we have some great green pumpkin spice cleaning and scent recipes for you using essential oils. It is a great way to bring that yummy and comforting smell into your home without the use of harsh chemicals sometimes used in seasonal pumpkin spice products.  
Diffuser Blend for Fresh Air 
Mix up the following oils into a larger dark glass bottle and roll gently in your hands to blend them.  
20 drops cinnamon essential oil 
20 drops ginger essential oil 
20 drops nutmeg essential oil 
15 drops clove bud essential oil 
5 drops cardamom essential oil 
Now you have enough pumpkin spice blend to last the whole season. Just fill your diffuser with filtered water as usual and add five to six drops of your new blend then turn on and in minutes your entire home will smell like freshly baked pie! 
All-Purpose Cleaning Spray 
Put together these simple ingredients to create a spray that will make you think you are having dessert instead of cleaning up after dinner.  
Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner Concentrate 
Pumpkin Spice Latte Essential Oil (we recommend the blend from Rocky Mountain Oils) 
Glass Spray Bottle 
To Make: Grab the glass spray bottle and fill with water first. This is important to put the water in first adding the water after the soap creates a sudsy mess. Fill the bottle to almost full leaving just a bit of room to add about ½ teaspoon of Dr. Bonner’s Sal Suds. Finally, add 10 drops of essential oil and shake before each use.  Now you are ready to clean.  
Fall Breeze Cleaning Spray 
So this one is not pumpkin spice, but we thought if you are a pumpkin spice lover and fall enthusiast you might enjoy this fall scented essential oil cleaner as well.  
You will need 
15 drops orange essential oil 
15 drops cinnamon bark essential oil 
5 drops clove essential oil 
1 tablespoon white vinegar 
¾ cup filtered or distilled water 
Glass spray bottle 
To make this spray: Add the water and then the oils to the spray bottle, place the lid on and shake well before each use. Use as an all-purpose surface spray with a microfiber cloth.  
Happy Fall Cleaning! 

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