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What are Home Buyers with Families Looking For?

When choosing homes for a buyer with a family in Sedona, there are certain things to consider.

The buyer will have safety in mind. They will look at traffic around the home, whether there's a fence, proximity to schools. They'll be interested in extra bathrooms and extra rooms for studying or playing. Additionally, a safe yard for recreation will be a high priority. 

The Kid's SpaceWhat are Home Buyers with Families Looking For?

Realtors and sellers have much to think about when it comes to this. Buyers will have different needs/interests depending on how many kids they have, their ages and what gender they are. Will the kids share a room? Will a separate play room be needed? Is there enough room for the child to grow? Do the parents want the kid's rooms on the same floor as the master bedroom? There is so much to consider!

Multi Purpose Rooms

Families, especially larger ones, want their time and space together as well as apart from each other. A large dining room is nice for family dinners as well as entertaining guests. A roomy entry way is also nice for welcoming guests without disrupting what is going on in the home. Lastly, a bonus room for the kids to study or entertain their friends without disrupting the main area of the home is almost always wanted/needed.

Outdoor Recreation

Safety is the prime concern. If there is a playset in the yard, it should be inspected for safety. The same is true if there is a pool. Fencing should be looked at or considered as well.

Room to Expand

Lastly, a buyer with a family will probably be looking for the right amount of room in a home to stay comfortable as they expand, whether they expand by adding more children or just as the children they currently have age and grow.

Everyone wants the perfect home, but for the family, this need is met differently than it would be for a single buyer or the empty nester buyers.


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