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Seeing Red While Staying in the Black

So, Sedona may not be known for being the most affordable place to live or visit, but it certainly is possible to have a grandiose time here in the place known for its gorgeous red rocks without breaking the bank. So, even if the cost of living index is 10% higher here than the rest of Sedona or 13% higher, than the national average, take heart! You can get the most Sedona bang for your buck with these fabulous suggestions:

1) Book early to get the best prices and avoid the fancy restaurants.Sedona visitors and afforable

2) Walk around downtown. By far the most affordable thing to do here, is to simply walk down the main streets and take it all in. The uptown area where all the cute shops and eateries are is very walkable even in extreme heat and most of the shops have misters just outside their doors to cool you off. Window shopping is great fun! You could also just sit outdoors at a cafe and take in all the beautiful scenery Sedona is known for.

3) Take a trolley tour. Who doesn't like a nice narrated tour? However, the legendary Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona are pretty pricey. Therefore, you might want to consider a Sedona Trolley Tour for a fraction of the price.

4)Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This chapel is included on the tours in Sedona, but if you decide not to do a narrated tour, you may want to drive up to see it yourself. It's not much to talk about inside, but it sure does sit in a heavenly location!

5)Have a splash at Slide Rock State Park. For $20 per car (well worth the price) you can enter this state park and hike the trails or swim the river. Most importantly, you can take advantage of one of nature's waterslides, Slide Rock itself!

6)Eat Cheap. Try the food Uptown food court, Sedona Memories Bakery Cafe or Simon's Hotdogs. It is very possible to have AMAZING food at an AMAZING price!

7)Check out Red Rocks State Park. Here, there are tons of great hiking options as well as guided nature walks. With all the deep and striking colors here, it's a photographer's dream! Just like Slide Rock, this park will cost $20/car to enter.

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