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Why do people come in droves to Sedona? The wine? Sure. The beauty of the red rocks? Of course. However, there's another "out of this world" reason people flock to this majestic place of natural witness being amidst a vortex. A vortex? What's a vortex? A vortex, by definition, is a mass or whirling fluid or air; a whirlpool or whirlwind. Therefore, a vortex in Sedona is a place where you can stand and feel an influx, sensation or "whirl of air" about you. Some claim it's nature. Some claim it's in your mind/soul/spirit since the beauty and nature of Sedona is so majestic, it awakes a sort of "spiritual" awareness within you. Still others claim, it's extra terrestrial. ...that these vortexes are a connection to something beyond the earth. 

Check out these popular Sedona Vortexes:Sedona Vortex

Bell Rock

Cathedral Rock

Boynton Canyon

Large Airport Vortex

The Chamber of Commerce handled 443,000 requests for information either on the telephone or in person in 1996. Chamber members estimate that up to ten percent of these people wanted to know about the vortexes or New Age activities. This is most likely even an underestimate of New Age interest because a Northern Arizona University study of visitors done in 1995 during two different times of the year showed that 64% of Sedona's visitors were seeking a spiritual experience. Forty-two percent said they wanted to visit a vortex in Sedona.

Local Sedona New Age authors, artists and musicians have their books, prints, paintings and recordings sold all around the world. The Energy Mastery School founded by Dr. Jaffe in Sedona now offers training all over America and Europe.

Apparently, local indians as well as channels and mediums of Sedona's early days were aware of the vortex energy but did not make it public knowledge. Until 1978,Dick Sutphen's book Past Lives Future Loves made knowledge of Sedona's special energy and vortexes almost common knowledge. In the book he described an experience with the vortex on Airport Mesa. As a result, he says, "people began writing me from all over the country asking how to find the vortex...The idea of a vortex that could enhance psychic ability had a life of its own. Interest exploded."

 Sutphen also wrote, "For many years Arizona has been the rapidly developing psychic center of the country and now far exceeds Virginia Beach in the number of organizations and activities. This psychic concentration is within a one-hundred-mile circle that includes Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and Prescott. .." Speaking of Sedona, he said,"there is more psychic activity per capita here than in any city in the country..."

Today, you can book tours of the vortexes. How will you spend your next vacation?

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