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7 Reasons to Buy and Sell During the Summer [in Sedona]7 Reasons to Buy and Sell During the Summer

Not everyone is lucky enough to choose when they move whether you live in Sedona or elsewhere. For many people, it is just a waiting game. They can’t move until they either sell their current house or close on a new home. Moving is almost always secondary to the buying or selling.

However, if you are blessed enough to have the opportunity to choose when you are going to move, there is absolutely no question that the summer season is the ideal time to do it!

No matter your family’s situation, just about everyone is better off to move sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And that is exactly the reason summer is the most popular time to move.

Here's a closer look at seven great reasons why so many people are better off making their big moves during the summer time:

The Weather

This first reason is kind of, duh, obvious, especially if you live in a state where snow is a possibility. While the summer heat can make moving slightly uncomfortable, cold weather and icy roads can make winter moves a complete nightmare if they're even possible at all.

You will definitely work up more of a sweat moving in the summer, but you also won’t slip on any ice while carrying boxes into your new house. And, just my opinion, but showers are easier fixes than a cast for a couple of months.

Peak Real Estate Season

7 Reasons to Buy and Sell During the SummerAnother no brainer reason that many people prefer to move in the summer is that it is busiest time of the year for real estate.

You may have some flexibility in buying a new home or selling your current house, but if you haven’t figured out the other side of that equation just yet there will be many more options open to you during the summer months.

School is Out

The most popular reason for moving during the summer for families with kids is that the move will not interrupt or otherwise affect their school year. Many parents choose to wait until summer vacation to uproot their families, even if the new residence is nearby.

Moving can be a big adjustment for kiddos, so you will want to give them plenty of time to acclimate to their new surroundings.

Work Schedules

For many jobs, the summer months allow for much more flexibility in the work schedule. This is also the time where many military families are transferred.

Yard Sale Season


You probably aren’t going to want to take all of the things you have accumulated over the years with you to your new residence. Therefore, another benefit of moving during the summer is that summer is also yard sale season.

If you plan ahead, you can hold a yard sale and sell all of the items you don’t want to take with you right before the big move!

Not only that, but yard sales are also the perfect place to pick up that extra table or chair you need for your new home!


Summer is also the time of year when many newlyweds are returning from their honeymoons and setting out to start their new life together, which means....they're looking to buy a house!

With newlyweds, the summer move is more of a function of the wedding date than the season, but much of the same logic about the weather and work schedules is still applicable.

Repairs and Landscaping

Summer is also ideal weather for making any repairs on your home you're selling or the one you are moving into. Not to mention, any landscaping you may need or want to do!


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