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Homes With Pools in Sedona

Many people love the idea of owning a home with a pool. This is especially so if you're living or thinking of living in a climate that is warm year round or at least seasonally warm like Sedona, Arizona. There are pros and cons to owning a home with a pool when considering such things as the purpose of owning a pool, the cost, and the upkeep.

Sedona homes with poolsPurpose of your pool:

PROS: The obvious pro to having a pool is the recreation you can derive from it at least three months out of the year or if you have an indoor, pool, year round. Swimming is a great way to get exercise for men and women of all ages and abilities/disabilities. Not to mention the luxury of throwing a pool party whenever you'd like.

CONS: Swimming pools can be dangerous for those who are not accustomed to water. When you own a pool, you need to be sure to have proper fencing and door locks so you're not held liable by family, neighbors and friends for any accidents.


PROS: It is much more affordable to have a pool constructed these days than it used to be. Another benefit of investing in a pool is the re sale value of your home. Buyers like the idea of a pool, and of course, it's much cheaper to buy a home that already has a pool than to put one in later.

CONS: When selling your home, it is possible that you won't receive back the full amount that you invested into it. For instance, say you put $30,000 into building your pool. That does not mean you can simply add that amount to the asking price of your home. You are still subject to current market values.


PROS: Maintaining a pool requires time, chemicals and knowledge. Many pool owners have this knowledge and keep their pool pristine. However, a benefit to not knowing your stuff, is hiring a professional to care for your pool.

CONS: Health and safety issues arise when you don't take care of your pool. Additionally improper use of any chemicals that you add to your pool can lead to swimmers getting sick and icky things growing in your pool.

Swimming pools can be a great asset to your home and property. Just make sure you do your research and know your stuff.

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